Digital Cinema Cameras

Red Epic-W 8K Helium

  • 8K S35mm super high res for super sharp & clear images
  • 8K, 7K, 6K, 4K 2K capture
  • Red R3D raw file or 4K ProRes
  • 200mb+ Stills from motion files
  • 4k prores files down sampled from 8k for super sharp images
  • SDI-HDMI-Timecode

Red Scarlet-X 4K

  • 4k s35mm high res
  • 4k & 2k capture
  • Red R3d raw file workflow or ProRes conversion
  • Stills from 4k motion files
  • SDI-HDMI-Timecode


  • 2x Kino Style 4 tube florescent
  • 4x 150W tungsten fresnel
  • 1x LED light panel ( battery power for location interviews )
  • 2x Lume Cude small “kickers”
  • Dyna-Lite 4 head / 2 power pack strobe kit for stills
  • 2x Paul Buff location mono lite strobes for stills ( battery powered )
  • Flags and various scrims.
  • Various light stands and “C” stands

Grip equipment

  • Kessler Shuttle Dolly
  • DJI Ronin MX gimble
  • Ready Rig Gimble support vest
  • 10’ Jib
  •  Monfrotto tripods and fluid pan heads
  • Wireless follow focus
  • 7” directors / AC wireless monitor
  • Wooden Camera shoulder rig

Digital Imaging Tech location kit

  • 13” Macbook Pro
  • Thunderbolt Raid ( storage varies with project )
  • RED mag reader
  • Shotput-Pro
  • RedCine-X

Camera rental available ONLY if accompanied by Curtis Boggs or a Barking Chihuahua Productions employee as an AC, DP, Operator or DIT.